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KnotOut and gain[z] box

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Small Firm KnotOut® Roller

The Small Firm KnotOut® roller is perfect for working on your wrists and forearms. It also feels great on your feet. Try it before you squat or after a long day on your feet. Check all our videos and products and discover what a KnotOut® roller can do for you.

KnotOut® comes in six sizes and two densities. This range of sizes and densities allows the user to find the product that meets their specific requirements. Using a mix of KnotOut® products allows the complete recovery and mobility needs of the body to be addressed.

Using KnotOut® regularly can

  • Relieve nagging muscular tightness
  • Improve mobility
  • Promote quicker workout recovery

The unique KnotOut® design

  • Provides better stability while rolling and releasing adhesions
  • Gets into areas other products have difficulty getting to
  • Delivers multiple pressure points along the span of the muscle

Whether you’re a professional looking for a tool to save your own body on manual release techniques for your patients or you’re an individual that is looking for the ultimate total body muscular release tool, KnotOut® is a must!

KnotOut® and KnotOut® Maxx are available in the KnotOut® StoreGet KnotOut® today and make your body feel better.

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