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What People Are Saying

Dr Shelly Cloughley, MDT, DPT, CSCS Associate Director

Dr. Shelly Cloughley, a physical therapist in Valencia CA, discusses why she loves to use KnotOut® to promote flexibility and better posture for her patients. She also loves using KnotOut® as a trigger point release tool in some of her manual therapy techniques. KnotOut® is the first tool Dr. Cloughley has convinced her patients to take on business trips.

Dr Jeffrey Tucker. DC, DACRB

Dr. Jeffrey Tucker, a chiropractor in West Los Angeles California, discusses how he uses KnotOut® in his patients' corrective exercise program. He also suggests KnotOut® to his patients as a postural tool for the car and office.

Dr Tina Shockley, PT, DPT, CSCS Clinical Director

Dr. Tina Shockley, a physical therapist and sports trainer out of Valencia California, takes us through how she uses KnotOut® in a clinical setting. She discusses why she likes each individual size and how helpful KnotOut® is to keep patients compliant with their Home Exercise Programs.

Dr Josh Mitchell, DC

Dr. Josh Mitchell co-founder of Valencia Sports Medicine and Rehabilitation shares with us why he uses KnotOut® with his patients.

Frank Addelia

Frank Addelia, a film maker, massage therapist and sports medicine trainer, talks about why he personally loves KnotOut®!

Ben Helfand

Ben Helfand is a private trainer and bootcamp instructor with many years of experience. Here he shares why his client, a professional race car driver, loves KnotOut®.

Sharelle Smith

Actress Sharelle Smith discusses why she never leaves home without her KnotOut®.


Vanessa, a business owner, used KnotOut® throughout her pregnancy to help with the pain and swelling in her feet, as well as melting pain from her neck and shoulders.

Hear It From The Pros!

Dr. Tina Shockley, Dr. Shelly Cloughley, Dr. Jeffrey Tucker, Vanessa Ginn and Sharelle Smith share why KnotOut® is a must for anyone in any profession.

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