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About Us

We Are Now KnotOut Enterprises!

On November 1, 2013 laVitaforte became KnotOut Enterprises. KnotOut is what everyone thought of us as and called us. It just made sense to change our name. So now we are KnotOut, the official home of the KnotOut® product family.

What We Do

KnotOut Enterprises designs and manufactures recovery and mobility products to address the myofascial release and trigger point release needs of athletes, fitness enthusiasts, and week-end warriors. Our standard KnotOut® product line is designed to address a wide range of individual and professional therapy needs. Custom designs and special orders are considered and will be quoted upon request.

KnotOut is committed to providing products that promote better fitness and physical well-being. We continue to research and develop products we believe in. We have several prototypes in various stages of development. We are always looking for input into our new product lines. If there is a product or need you believe has not been addressed, please drop us a line.

Who We Are

Tom Allen - The Tinker
    Tom likes to tear things apart to see what makes them work. Most of the time, he manages to put them back together so that they do what they are supposed to. Trying to make things work better or finding a way to do something easier has always fascinated Tom. These two drives – to understand how things work and to build things better – served him well in the development of KnotOut®. Tom spent sixteen years in engineering design, program management, and manufacturing operations of high-frequency electronic components and systems for aerospace, defense, and satelitte TV products. He has seven years’ experience in technical sales, implementations, integrations, and field services for enterprise software companies. KnotOut Enterprises is the sixth startup Tom has worked for and the second company he has founded. Tom has a degree in Mechanical Engineering from Stanford University.

Sam Rainieri - The CFO (even though we aren't that big)
    Sam has over 30 years of experience in portfolio management, structured finance and the capital markets . She most recently served as Chief Investment Officer for Terwin Money Management, a Winter Group company, which she founded and managed. She has served as Senior VP/Portfolio Manager for SunAmerica and AIG. Sam brings her brand of fiscal discipline and pragmatism to the company.

KnotOut® is a registered trademark of Dockwing, LLC
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