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KnotOut® Maxx - A New Take on Muscle Rollers

KnotOut® Maxx is our newest mobility and recovery tool. Maxx was developed to facilitate improved workout recovery and  joint range of motion (mobility) when rolling out muscles and connective tissue (fascia). The product’s “caterpillar” shape delivers multiple pressure points along the span of the muscle allowing adhesions to be addressed and dealt with in new ways.

KnotOut® Maxx is a longer version of the existing medium and large KnotOut® products using four balls to produce a “hill and valley” working surface and a more stable rolling platform. The design originated as a special order from a professional cyclist and the benefits of Maxx quickly became apparent. The Maxx-10 (2.75 inch diameter ball) and Maxx-15 (4 inch diameter ball) products’ unique shape is particularly effective in rolling the muscles of the lower body, especially the upper leg complex.

The Maxx-10 and Maxx-15 products come in soft and firm densities. This range of sizes and densities allows the user to find the Maxx tool that meets their specific requirements. Using Maxx in combination with other KnotOut® products allows the complete recovery and mobility needs of the body to be addressed.

KnotOut® Maxx is available in the KnotOut® Store

Got Knots?
             Then you need KnotOut®

KnotOut® is the easy to use, portable muscle adhesion release tool that helps you attain and maintain your peak performance.   The unique design of KnotOut® lets you work those difficult to get at areas. KnotOut® gives you more stability than a single ball, making it easier for you to control positioning when you are working on a release.

Using KnotOut® regularly can

  • Relieve nagging muscular tightness
  • Improve mobility
  • Promote quicker workout recovery

The unique KnotOut® design

  • Provides better stability while rolling and releasing adhesions
  • Gets into areas other products have difficulty getting to
  • Delivers multiple pressure points along the span of the muscle

Whether you’re a professional looking for a tool to save your own body on manual release techniques for your patients or you’re an individual that is looking for the ultimate total body muscular release tool, KnotOut® is a must!

There are 4 different sizes of KnotOut® with multiple densities which allows you to choose the KnotOut® that works best for you. Get KnotOut® today and give yourself the gift of a better life.

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